Class Overview


The Class

This class will consist of body movements using TRX, bands, weights, and body weight. Class Time: 30-45 minutes

Sample Class

Warmup (3 Rounds)
High knees for 30 seconds
Mountain climber stretch for 30 seconds
Wall squats at 10 reps

Circuit 1 (3-5 Rounds)
10 TRX jump squats
10 TRX push-ups
10 TRX mountain climbers

Circuit 2 (3-5 Rounds)
20 TRX jump Lunges
20 TRX Air squats
20 TRX Rows

Circuit 3 (3-5 Rounds)
30 TRX in and outs
30 sec planks on TRX
30 TRX bicep curls


Rita Atikian

Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA)
Master of Arts
Bachelor of Applied Science
Associate Degree in Applied Science-Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Back in the early 90’s I was a certified aerobics instructor where I taught high / low impact and step aerobics classes. After obtaining my college degree I began working full time as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and eventually stopped teaching. However, I continued my own fitness journey. I have managed several Ultrasound Departments in Michigan through my 30-year career and also was the program director of a DMS program for 12 years. For many years, I bounced from gym to gym until I met Matt in 2016. He has helped me achieve my goals with his nutrition and workouts and I am confident he can help you achieve yours!!